Eugene, Cascades & Coast Cycling

When cyclists roll into the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region they connect with pedal power! From the sparkling Pacific coastline, through the gentle Willamette Valley, and into the thrilling Cascade Mountains, Oregon's climate and topography is aptly suited for cycling.

Home to three of Oregon's official scenic bikeways and Oakridge's renowned mountain biking trails, this region is a delight to see from a bicycle seat.

Residents and visitors alike cruise through the towns and open countryside on all manner of non-motorized contraptions. After all, Eugene - Springfield has given rise to amazing bicycle innovation and engineering from Burley bike-trailers to Bike Friday folding travel bicycles. A glimpse into local ingenuity is on display at the Center for Appropriate Transport.

Row River Trail, Cottage Grove OR by Natalie Inouye
Family Cycling by Timm O'Cobhthaigh
Local Bicycling Highlights
Cycling Race by Greg Lee
Bring Your Bike
Getting Around by Bike
  Bicycle on LTD bus

In Oregon, bicycles are subject to laws just like motorized vehicles. Please ride with the direction of traffic, use appropriate signals and obey traffic lights. Remember that bicycle riders under 16 are required to wear a helmet. 

Culinary, Brew Pub, Steelhead in Eugene OR by Timm O'Cobhthaigh  
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