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Advertising Opportunities

Travel Lane County members have the option to enhance their basic membership package with a la carte advertising. Since each member's need or target audience may vary, this allows members to pay lower annual dues with the option to chose the best advertising products for them.

To maximize exposure to your target audience, select one or more additional advertising tools from the list below.

 Adventure Center Brochures
Advertising Demographics

Male, 59%
Female, 41%

Full time, 59%
Part time, 13%
Not employed/retired, 28%

Household size
1 member, 15%
2 members, 31%
3 members, 29%
4 members, 14%
5+ members, 11%

18-24, 8%
25-44, 42%
45-64, 34%
65+, 16%

Manager/professional, 55%
Other white collar, 15%
Blue collar, 22%
Armed forces/other, 8%

 Children in household
No children under 18, 50%
Any child between 13-17, 19%
Any child between 6-12, 20%
Any child under 6, 26%

Marital Status
Married, 73%
Divorced/widowed, 13%
Never married, 14%

Over $75K, 39%
$50-$74.9K, 31%
$25-$49.9K, 13%
Under $25K, 17%

Post-graduate, 26%
College graduate, 53%
Some college, 12%
High school or less, 10%

Publication Advertising
Travel Lane County publishes high-quality, glossy guides and detailed city/regional maps for distribution at visitor centers, hotels and businesses on an annual basis. These official publications are also utilized by convention groups, individual travelers and new residents.  Travel Lane County Publications
Whether requested in advance of travel, upon arrival or used as promotional tools by our bureau, the guides and map sustain a long shelf life. See the table below for links to detailed information on each publication.

 Publication  Deadline  Published  Distribution
 Visitor Guide (2014 rates)  January 2015  March 2015  120,000
 Visitor Map (Visitor Guide & pads)  November 14, 2014  March 2015  185,000
 Restaurant Guide (2014 rates)  July 9, 2014  Sept. 2014  25,000

Website Advertising
There are many ways to enhance your online presence. EugeneCascadesCoast.org is a robust and dynamic website that is updated for SEO and current, relevant content on a continuous basis. There is also a mobile application, and support from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, flickr and YouTube. Below are options for leveraging your membership listing online:
 Member Advertising Website
  • Featured Listings. A limited number of featured listings are available in select categories. A featured listing rotates in the top positions and includes photo or logo options. Cost is $1200 for a year. Payment plans are available.
  • Featured Event Listings: Elevate your free event listing to a "Featured Event" which includes a top loading position and a branding image (photo or logo). View an example of a featured event on our event calendar. Featured event listings are $100 per month and expire automatically the day after the event.