Sweets for the sweet? Gift your loved one with a box of chocolate, a bag of candy or a bouquet of flowers. For those with a sweet tooth, there are some wonderful chocolatiers or candy vendors to visit. Here are a few inspirations for a classically romantic gift.

Euphoria Chocolate Company

Eugene's local and longstanding premier chocolate company, Euphoria Chocolate Company is known for their delectable selection of chocolate truffles. For the Valentine's Day holiday they also produce pink and red foil-covered chocolate hearts. Stop by one of their many locations in Eugene, or even pick up bags of their chocolate hearts from local grocers.

Mountain Rose Herbs Mercantile 

Aromatic oils, fragrances, soaps and herbs make lovely, soothing and romantic gifts for sweethearts. Shop Mountain Rose Herb's mercantile or their aroma bar in Market Alley.

5th Street Public Market

Explore the rambling nooks and storefronts at 5th Street Public Market for perfect Valentine's gifts from Freudian Slip to gilt + gossamer. At Rhythm & Blooms, choose from fresh cut flowers for a dazzling bouquet. At Provisions Market Hall, select a gourmet box of chocolate or candy, and pair it with a bottle of sparkling or rosé. Dabble in an art lesson with Alejandro or book a spa appointment at Gervais.

Window Shopping at Made in Oregon 5th Street Public Market

Made in Oregon

Made in Oregon is supreme for gift baskets and can assemble a custom Chocolate Lover's collection with gourmet chocolates, hazelnuts and other Oregon favorites. Plus February 14th is also Oregon's birthday, so what a wonderful way to show your love!

Coburg Candy Company

Coburg Candy Company is your source for all things sugary. They offer a wide selection of taffy, lollipops, hard candy and all the classics and cult-favorites. Create your own heart-shaped box and fill it with the sweets you know your partner will love.

Coburg Farm Fancy Store by Melanie Griffin


Seasonal goods arrayed in delightful displays make this shop a real treat. Along with live plants, their in-house florist offers beautiful arrangements. Augment any gift with a box of sweets, a dish of handmade soaps or some other trinket.

Candy Shop in Old Town Florence

Historic Old Town Florence

Sure you can shop the variety of confectionaries along Historic Old Town Florence's Bay Street for a delectable collection of chocolates, fudges, taffy and more — but don't do it solo! Bring your partner with you so they may choose what they like! Plus, you'll have such a romantic stroll along the boardwalk.

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