Brand Emotions

Delta Old Growth by Amy OueletteThe emotional themes conveyed via the Eugene, Cascades & Coast brand sum up how visits to our region may feel for visitors. As central elements of our regional identity, these emotional attributes are best illustrated and emphasized in all appropriate communications. It is not intended that this list be comprehensive, only that at least one of the emotional benefits listed below always be embedded within our marketing messages.

Visitors to Eugene, Cascades & Coast will feel a sense of:

  • Connection: visitors have access to authenticity, enjoying close-up engagement, and connecting both with our community and with natural wonders
  • Enrichment: visits here rouse the senses, reawaken and deepen the meaningfulness of our lives and can contribute to personal achievements
  • Fun: days packed with exciting, challenging and entertaining activities offered in beautiful settings on water, land and above ground
  • Relaxation: escaping the stress of everyday life, whether immersed in nature or enjoying the metro centers, can be soul-soothing and calming