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Adventure Center/Visitor Information: 3312 Gateway St · Springfield OR (Open daily 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Downtown Eugene Visitor Center: 754 Olive St · Eugene OR (Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
Mailing Address: PO Box 10286 · Eugene OR 97440 s

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Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Eugene Ale Trail passport promotion end? Is there a deadline for completion?

Passport redemption for promotional prizes is only while supplies last. However, the Eugene Ale Trail itself is ongoing. The composition of the Eugene Ale Trail, and its guidelines, are subject to change without notice at any time. We are proud to say that the Eugene Ale Trail is in its fourth year!

Where can I pick up the Eugene Ale Trail passport?

Passports can be picked up at participating breweries, bottleshops, the Adventure Center in Springfield or at the Downtown Eugene Visitor Center on 8th and Olive St.

The brewery didn't have any more printed passports so I had them stamp a napkin. Does that count?

Unfortunately, no. Stamps must all be on one single passport. Please let us know if you discover a brewery has run out so that we may provide them with more printed passports while supplies last.

Do I need to get my passport stamped in a certain order?

No, you can earn them in any order.

My passport doesn't have all the participating breweries on it.

The most recent edition of the Eugene Ale Trail passport was published in the fall of 2017. Prior editions may not include ColdFire Brewing Company, Elk Horn Brewery, Sam Bond's Brewing Company Alesong, Falling Sky Pizzeria and Viking Braggot Company. Request that the newer breweries stamp your passport anyway. As long as we can authenticate the stamp, it will count toward earning prizes.

What happened to Rogue and Hard Knocks Brewing?

Rogue closed their meeting hall location in Eugene. We will still honor Rogue stamps earned prior to December 2014 on the older editions of the Eugene Ale Trail passport. Hard Knocks Brewing closed their Cottage Grove tasting room in April 2016. We will still honor Hard Knock stamps earned prior to April 2016 on older Eugene Ale Trail passports.

I went to a brewery, have a receipt to prove it but forgot to get stamped. Can you stamp it for me at the Adventure Center?

No, we do not have the brewery stamps. You must get your passport stamped on-site at the breweries.

What if I'm one stamp short on my passport, the breweries are closed and I'm leaving town?

Only completed passports can be redeemed. Please plan accordingly. Confirm open hours directly with the individual breweries as days and times listed on the website may change.

Can I present a copy of my Eugene Ale Trail passport?

No, we must stamp the original.

Can I keep my Eugene Ale Trail passport after its redeemed?

Yes, we will stamp it, copy it and return the original to you as a keepsake.

Can I redeem the bonus cup and/or pint glass at a later date?

Yes, we will stamp redemption for the growler and return the passport to you. You can come back later to redeem the bonus cup after securing your Brewers Union Local 180 stamp, and the pint glass after visiting all 18 brewery tasting rooms. 

Can I earn the bonus cup before completing the Eugene-Springfield area portion?

No, to earn the bonus cup you must redeem the eight Eugene-Springfield area stamps first.

I earned nine stamps on my passport but didn't get to Oakridge. Can I still get the bonus?

No, the ninth stamp must be from the Brewers Union Local 180.

Are the Eugene Ale Trail growlers, stainless steel cups or pint glasses available for purchase?

No, you have to earn them! But the Eugene Ale Trail t-shirts are! Plus many more Eugene Ale Trail souvenirs.

Can I redeem my passport by mail?

Yes, contact the for details. There will be a $5 shipping charge.


What is a growler?

Growlers are environmentally friendly, reusable jugs for craft beer. The most common is a half-gallon (64 oz) glass jug but growlers are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Where can I get a growler and how much do they cost?

Growlers range in price from $5 to $30. They are sold at growler fill stations, bottleshops and many breweries. Once you own a growler, re-fills are often less expensive.

Are the jugs interchangeable? Can't I use any container?

Typically you can bring any branded growler to any fill station or brewery. Growlers must be tempered glass or stainless steel to withstand the filling process. Growlers must be clean and dry.

How are growlers filled and sealed?

Oxygen is purged by blasting in carbon dioxide. Then the growler is filled directly from the tap. It is sealed with a disposable twist-cap.

How long will my beer last?

Heat, light and oxygen spoil beer. Dark amber or brown glass reduces UV light exposure, thus prolonging shelf life. Refrigerated and sealed growlers have a shelf life of 7 -10 days. Once opened and exposed to oxygen, your beer may last up to three days.

How do I clean my growler?

Wash it immediately in hot water without soap. Dry it inverted on a dish drainer. Let it dry completely before capping.

Do fill stations offer other beverages in addition to craft brews?

Not always, but some do have wine, soda, cider or kombucha on tap.


Can my minor children visit the breweries with me?

Generally yes, in fact most breweries are proud to be family-friendly with sand boxes or play areas. However, some breweries do prohibit minors and a few have restrictions on seating sections, hours and special events. Please call the individual breweries for details.

Can I take my dog to the breweries?

Some of them. Agrarian Ales and Oakshire (on their patio) are generally dog-friendly. Check with the individual breweries for their canine policies.

Can each family member have their own Eugene Ale Trail passport?

Yes, however; to redeem your passport you must be 21 years or older. While dogs are part of our families they do not qualify for passports either.