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Easter Things to Do

Sunday, April 19, 2020

What can you do with your household this Easter? We've compiled a list of suggestions —  and while Easter this year won't quite be the same as usual, we hope it brings a little cheer to your holiday.

Host Your Own Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt by Paige Griffin
Easter Egg Hunt by Paige Griffin

Hard boil and dye eggs together, then hide them all over the house or yard (if the weather is good) for the kids to find the next morning. Depending on your children's ages and interests, you could turn this into either a cooking project (how to boil eggs) or a science project (what vegetables can make dyes) or, if you have plastic eggs, put little messages in the eggs about fun things you'll do once the "Stay Home" order is lifted — like eat a brownie sundae at The Vintage or ride the carousel at Roaring Rapids Pizza Company. Afterward, make deviled eggs.

Put Together a Basket for Your Loved One

Right about now, you've had a lot of unplanned quality time with those you live with. Show them how much you care by assembling them a basket of goodies from around the house. Only one box of your favorite cookies left — it's theirs! Fighting over the remote? Stick that in there too. Freshly folded laundry? Why not? Make it funny or make it sweet...

Order Easter Brunch to Go

Just because you can't dine out, doesn't mean you have to do all the cooking! Order a delicious Easter meal with ham and sides from Provisions. Go ahead and dress up. Set the table fancy and take family photos to share on social media. Order meals ahead of time to secure day-before pick ups. Pair your dishes with a local wine, craft beer or cocktail with local spirits — some wineries, breweries and distilleries are offering pick up, delivery or shipping.

Ever Heard of Easter Bonnets?

Revive an old tradition and craft your own Easter bonnet. Find an old hat or other workable item and decorate it with an Easter theme using materials from around your house like fake flowers, feathers, scarves, felt, plastic toys, fake gems or construction paper. Wear your hats to your fancy in-home brunch and take silly Instagram photos. Kids of all ages can have fun with this!

Teddy Bear Spotting

We've heard through the social media grapevine that neighbors are putting teddy bears in their windows so that younger children can go "bear hunting" on walks around the neighborhood. Put a teddy bear in your own window (or maybe a bunny!) and help add some excitement for the kids. Take your own children out for a walk and see how many bears you can find (if any). When you get home have a teddy bear's picnic somewhere in the house where you typically wouldn't eat a meal. Spread a table cloth out on a bed or behind the couch in the living room. Invite the child's favorite stuffed animals and serve sandwiches and juice. 

Give Back

A lot of people are struggling right now and helping may not be the easiest thing to do — but it is still possible. Check on neighbors with a phone call to see if they need any groceries picked up. This is especially helpful for older people who may be afraid to go out and you can leave them on the doorstep. Mow your neighbor's lawn if they usually hire someone else to do that. Contact your local school to help with lunch distribution or any other needs they may have. Purchase gift certificates from your favorite small businesses and restaurants for later use. Buy the album or stream the music of your favorite local artist. Attend an online class and be patient as instructors do their best to teach via technology. And most of all, remember to smile and wave at folks. We all need a little cheer and friendliness right about now.

Explore Your Neighborhood for Signs of Spring

The Village Green gardens by Colin Morton
The Village Green gardens by Colin Morton


While an Easter Sunday hike or walk may be extra appealing if we have good weather, please stick close to home when picking your trail or route. If lots of people are out, be gracious and choose another destination or just head back home.  When you are out stretching your legs, look for budding trees, blooming flowers and unfurling ferns.