2021 New Year's Eve 

We are all excited to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome in the new year of 2022! Celebrate at home with a great dinner, sparkling wine and the ones you love or at specially planned event. 

Plan For an Adventurous New Year

Use the winter months at home for dreaming and planning your next regional adventure. Page through the Visitor Guide, create a vision board, map out your goals, write your resolutions and calendar out your travel plans for the year. 

Make New Year's Eve Special

Entertainment is back on stage, so can go out and enjoy a show or dinner at a restaurant! Also, many of our restaurants, wineries and distilleries are offering all the festivities to go— so if you prefer, order in and enjoy a quiet and delicious evening at home. Or book a holiday package at a local hotel for a change of scenery and an enjoyable getaway. 

Join the Eugene Symphony in welcoming the new year with an evening of delightful music, from Broadway hits, to Disney songs, and even George… More Info

Things to Do this Holiday Weekend

During this time of rest, renewal and resolutions; enjoy a balance of cozy downtime with outdoor recreation. Spend quiet evenings by the fire or watching a family movie, and active afternoons walking in your neighborhood or hiking the nearby trails.