Calendar Photo Guidelines


  • Horizontal images that are less than 610px wide by 375 px high. (Vertical images get cropped and do not display well.)
  • Images must be either a jpg, gif, png, bmp or jpeg format.
  • All photos must be owned by the individual or company submitting the images. Model releases should be secured. 


  • A high quality/high resolution photo is preferred, but all photos will be considered. 
  • A single photo without text or graphics is preferred. (Posters, photo collages and photos with super-imposed text do not display well.)
  • Photos should be compatible with the event in theme and content.


  • Unless otherwise instructed by organizer, Travel Lane County reserves the right to re-use photos in conjunction with annual and repeat events or with events by the same organizer, at the same venue or otherwise applicable.
  • Submitted event photos are published only within the event calendar system. If you would like to make your event photo available for wider promotional considerations, please email the original photo to along with a signed photo release.
  • Travel Lane County reserves the right to not publish any images at our discretion.

By uploading photos to the event calendar, you acknowledge the above requirements and advisories, and release Travel Lane County of all liabilities. If you have any questions regarding photo usage or calendar entry guidelines, please contact us at 541.484.5307 or