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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Q - Do we need to have any experience with Dragon Boats, or paddling in general?

A - No experience necessary! The Emerald City Dragon Boat Club will have experienced paddlers on hand the day of the event for a brief orientation and coaching session. Pre-event coaching sessions can be arranged with ECDBC (for a small fee), for those teams looking for a little extra advantage.

We do recommend that you take a look at this Orientation Packet to familiarize yourself with the sport.

Q - We have a team that wants to participate in the event, but cannot afford the entry fee. Do we have options?

A - Yes. You can find a corporate sponsor for your team, you can do a fundraiser to raise the money, each team member can be responsible for a portion of the entry fee, or have each paddler be responsible for raising sponsorship for their effort.

Q - How many can be on a team?

A - A Dragon Boat crew is made up of 10 paddlers, plus a steersperson at the back of the boat and a caller or drummer at the front of the boat. H2O teams can field up to 14 paddlers, so that there are alternates, and we will provide an experienced steersperson and caller for each boat. If you do not have enough people to field an entire team, we will provide experienced paddlers to fill in where needed, or match you up with other individuals.

Q - I'm an individual and I want to participate, can you help match me with a team?

A - Yes! Give us your information and we'll do our best to match you up with a team.

Q - How many Dragon Boats will run at a time?

A - Two.

Q - How long is the race?

A - The course will be a 250 meter out and back loop.

Q - Will it be fun?

A - Of course!

Q - What do we do when we are not racing?

A - First, you will want to watch the other teams and discuss how you can improve your performance. There is plenty of room to toss a Frisbee or throw a ball. There is an unguarded designated swim area at the park. Teams are also encouraged to bring snacks, chairs, etc. and make it a family event.

Q - Do all the paddlers have to be from my business?

A - No. This is about sending Heroes to a clinic to help them improve their quality of life. Ringers will be allowed. This is a friendly and fun competition. If you can find a professional paddler, go for it.

Q - Are the teams Coed?

A - That is up to you. If a network wants to field at least 3 teams, we will create a special division for you.

Q - How many attempts do we get?

A - Each team will have a minimum of two runs.

Q - How will we know how we stand in the race?

A - There will be an official Leaderboard where the teams and times will be displayed.