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This event has been rescheduled for July 19, 2014 (date subject to change).

Donations can still be made to the Eugene Parks Foundation through below.

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How to Form and Fund a Team

  1. A business simply pays the entry fee and selects its team.
  2. A business can pay half the entry fee by matching employee contributions.
  3. Team members can be anyone, so recruit family and friends.
  4. Any community or network can form a team by each person simply pitching in $50 for a 10 person team or $25 if the team has 20 members and they split the attempts.
  5. A sports team or other group can find a corporate sponsor for their participation.
  6. A business can simply choose to fund a team and ask the event organizers to find a team to represent them.
  7. Help your favorite sports team to improve their ability to work and think together by sponsoring them.
  8. Get a double win by raising the entry fee by doing a fundraiser to benefit the Veteran Heroes, give it through the Heroes to Oregon Paddle Challenge, and earn the right to enter a team. Thus, help a Hero and get to paddle in the race.
  9. Special divisions and awards can be created for any like group of businesses or organizations fielding at least 3 teams - i.e., banks, insurance companies, Rotary Clubs, churches, etc.

Benefit to Teams, Businesses, and Organizations

  1. Knowing you have helped worthy Heroes

  2. Become a functional team by learning to work and think together - "enter a race and exit a team"

  3. Raise money for your cause, too.  
    a. The paddlers or organization members get sponsorship pledges to participate.
    b. Your cause gets everything over the entry fee.

  4. Show your appreciation to some Heroes who risked everything to give you the freedom you enjoy.

  5. Involve as many as 20 paddlers by using a different team for each of the two attempts on the challenge course. Create some friendly competition.