Travel Lane County partners can leverage their partnership through advertising in Eugene, Cascades & Coast print publications, digital platforms and on our website. These a la carte offerings provide a range of opportunities and price points.

Travel Lane County partners with Destination Travel Network (DTN) and MediAmerica in managing select advertising within the print and digital spaces.

For Advertising Assistance:

Mary Ann Reilly

Director of Partnership Development

Mary Ann works to generate revenue and meaningful partnerships for Travel Lane County and the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission through partnership sales, sponsorships and advertising opportunities.

Print Advertising

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Map

  • Cost: $120 - $1,000
  • Submission deadline: October
  • Annual March distribution: 150,000 copies (distributed as inserts in the Visitor Guide, and in pads of 100 at area hotels, businesses and visitor centers.

This popular two-side map has limited ad spaces. One side of the map shows the Eugene-Springfield metro area with subsets of both downtowns and the UO campus. The other side is a detailed map of Lane County with subsets of Florence, Junction City, Veneta, Creswell, Coburg, Cottage Grove, Lowell and Westfir-Oakridge.

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Guide 

  • Cost: $870 - $5,452
  • Submission deadline:  October
  • Annual March distribution:  120,000 copies (distributed at area hotels, businesses and visitor centers; at conferences and events; and through mail request).

The Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Guide is a glossy, full color magazine and a powerful marketing tool used for travel inspiration, trip planning and on location reference. Readers trust the guide, giving it marks of 98 percent for overall satisfaction. Studies show that the guide influences readers to visit and make product selections, with 62 percent citing print advertisements as very helpful in their decision process.

The Value of Print

Independent research on the print impact in national travel further collaborates our regional study. This 2017 White Paper (PDF) summarizes a decade of studies covering the U.S. leisure travel market. 

Distribution details
  • Travel Lane County's Downtown Eugene Visitor Center
  • Travel Lane County's mobile visitor services including the van and MIKE the Bike at regional events and shows
  • State Welcome Centers, Portland International Airport (PDX) and Eugene Airport (EUG)
  • Local hotels through Certified Folder Display, the nation's largest distributor
  • AAA offices throughout the state of Oregon
  • Ten local chambers of commerce and at area businesses
  • Mailed out to visitors requesting visitor information through our office and website, Travel Oregon, Oregon Coast Visitors Association, Willamette Valley Visitors Association, and Direct fulfillment comprises approximately 50 percent of distribution.
  • Regional, national and international trade and consumer shows
Visitor Guide Demographics

Median age

  • 42% between 25-44


  • 43% male
  • 57% female


  • 55% manager/professional

Reader activities

  • 82% enjoy the great outdoors
  • 70% prefer historically significant places
  • 58% spend family time together
  • 51% rank restaurants and cuisine as very important


  • 53% Graduated college plus
  • 26% Post-graduate

Average income

  • >$91,000 per year

Economic impact

  • >$300 average spending per day by visitors

How visitors used the guide

  • 73% selected an attraction
  • 64% consulted the map
  • 48% selected a restaurant
  • 29% selected a hotel
  • 26% selected shopping

After receiving the guide...

  • 66% of readers visited the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region
  • 87% who were undecided credited the guide in helping them to make the decision to visit
  • 68% increased their length of stay by an average of 2.7 days

Source: WACVB DMO Visitor Guide User and Conversion Study 2014

Digital Advertising

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Website

  • Cost: $50 - $395
  • First-come, first-served
  • Ongoing

Page sponsors, featured listings and banner ads featured on Eugene, Cascades & Coast website.

Travel Lane County's online advertising is exclusively available to partners. Our website receives over one million website visits by nearly one million unique users each year.  Thirty percent are residents or in-market visitors, and the remainder are out-of-area users at various stages of planning their visit.

Eugene Airport Video 

  • Cost: $300 - $1,000 annual contract
  • First-come, first-served
  • Ongoing

Engage visitors visually on 46" high-definition video screens placed at strategic locations where visitors congregate at the Eugene Airport. Due to ambient noise, it is recommended these messages do not rely on audio to communicate. 

Display Advertising

Rest Area Event Display Panel 

  • Cost: $200 per month
  • First-come, first-served
  • Distribution: 
    • Gettings Creek (14 miles south of Eugene-driving north on I-5 with 1,124,000 travelers estimated annually) 
    • Oak Grove (13 miles north of Eugene-driving south on I-5 with 1,430,800 travelers estimated annually)

Event-only display space at I-5 kiosks. Displays must meet the event requirements as outlined by the Oregon Travel Information Council. Each display panel is an enclosed 22" x 36" vertical Plexiglas case with lock. The board can be used for a full size 11 x 17 printed poster or a collection of images and signage arranged bulletin board style. An adjacent lidded brochure holder can accommodate up to 30 brochures depending on size.


  • Cost: varies by project
  • First-come, first-served
  • Ongoing

Print publications, web pages, e-mails, displays, conferences, events and other special opportunities are announced in our partners' weekly Deadlines & Opportunities e-news.

*All rates are subject to change

Visitor Demographics


  • Male, 59%
  • Female, 41%


  • Full time, 59%
  • Part time, 13%
  • Not employed/retired, 28%

Household size

  • 1 member, 15%
  • 2 members, 31%
  • 3 members, 29%
  • 4 members, 14%
  • 5+ members, 11%


  • Over $75K, 39%
  • $50-$74.9K, 31%
  • $25-$49.9K, 13%
  • Under $25K, 17%


  • Post-graduate, 26%
  • College graduate, 53%
  • Some college, 12%
  • High school or less, 10%


  • 18-24, 8%
  • 25-44, 42%
  • 45-64, 34%
  • 65+, 16%

Marital Status

  • Married, 73%
  • Divorced/widowed, 13%
  • Never married, 14%


  • Manager/professional, 55%
  • Other white collar, 15%
  • Blue collar, 22%
  • Armed forces/other, 8%

Children in household

  • No children under 18, 50%
  • Any child between 13-17, 19%
  • Any child between 6-12, 20%
  • Any child under 6, 26%