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Advertising Schedule

Travel Lane County members have the option to enhance their basic membership package with a la carte advertising. Here is a general overview of our most popular annual advertising opportunities to include in your budget.

Print Advertising

Visitor Map - $120 - $1,000
Two-sided map - 150,000 copies

Visitor Guide - $870 - $5,452
Glossy, full color magazine - 120,000 copies

Dining Guide - $630 - $1,275
Full color brochure-size guide - 25,000 copies

Digital Advertising

Sports Planner Guide - $200 - $630
A digital flipbook

Meeting Planner Guide - $200 - $1,000
A digital flipbook

Website / Online - $50 - $395 per month
Ads, page sponsors and featured listings on Eugene, Cascades & Coast Website

Eugene Airport Video - $300 - $1,000 per annual contract
Ad spots

Display Advertising

Rest Area Event Display Panel - $200 per month
Event-only display space at I-5 kiosks 


Publications, events and other special opportunities are announce in weekly deadlines & opportunities

*Rates are subject to change

Participation in one or more advertising opportunities listed above, combined with a website link from your website to, also qualifies members for free Adventure Center Brochure Display.

If you would like more information on these advertising opportunities, or any others throughout the year, please contact

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Demographics


  • Male, 59%
  • Female, 41%


  • Full time, 59%
  • Part time, 13%
  • Not employed/retired, 28%

Household size

  • 1 member, 15%
  • 2 members, 31%
  • 3 members, 29%
  • 4 members, 14%
  • 5+ members, 11%


  • Over $75K, 39%
  • $50-$74.9K, 31%
  • $25-$49.9K, 13%
  • Under $25K, 17%


  • Post-graduate, 26%
  • College graduate, 53%
  • Some college, 12%
  • High school or less, 10%

Contact Us

Maxine Walton

Director of Partner Development

Maxine is responsible for Travel Lane County partner recruitment and retention. She also secures event and sports sponsorships and sells tourism-related advertising opportunities.

Rest Area Display Panels

Displays must meet the event requirements as outlined by the Oregon Travel Information Council. Kiosks are at the following rest areas:

  • Gettings Creek (14 miles south of Eugene-driving north on I-5 with 1,124,000 travelers estimated annually) 
  • Oak Grove (13 miles north of Eugene-driving south on I-5 with 1,430,800 travelers estimated annually)

Each display panel is an enclosed 22" x 36" vertical Plexiglas case with lock. The board can be used for a full size 11 x 17 printed poster or a collection of images and signage arranged bulletin board style. An adjacent lidded brochure holder can accommodate up to 30 brochures depending on size.

Adventure Center Brochure Display

Stock brochures at the Adventure Center for free if you have linked to from your website and/or participated in additional Travel Lane County advertising programs. Contact Maxine for details. All members may also stock brochures at the Downtown Eugene Visitor Center for no charge.