Diamond Creek Falls

  • Address:
    Hwy 58, east of milepost 58
    Oakridge OR 97463
  • Phone:

Diamond Creek Falls Trail #3598 is a difficult 2.25 mile (3.6 km) loop that begins at Salt Creek Falls Observation Site. A spur trail 0.25 mile (0,15 km) from the footbridge leads to Too Much Bear Lake. The trail continues to another junction with a spur trail that leads to base of Upper Diamond Creek Falls. This spur trail contains a unique log stairway and a large cedar log footbridge, which leads the hiker to a breathtaking view of the falls. A short distance past the viewpoint, the trail splits. Park facilities close for winter. DAY-USE FEE/RECREATION PASS REQUIRED.

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  • Parking:
    • Parking Lot
  • Passes Required:
Trails & Routes
  • Difficulty:
    • Hard
  • Facilities at Trailhead:
    • Toilets
  • Natural Points of Interest:
    • Waterfall
  • Trail Details:
    • Looped Trail
  • Trail Length:
    • Medium ( 2-5 miles)
  • Trail Users:
    • Hikers / Runners
    • Mountain Bikers