Larison Rock Trail #3607

  • Address:
    La Duke Rd/S Bank Rd
    Oakridge OR 97463
  • Phone:

Larison Rock Trail begins in Greenwaters Park on the edge of Oakridge. Follow paved Larison Rock Rd uphill for 5 miles (8 km) to Forest Service Rd #3607. Stay right onto Forest Service Rd #3607 and get ready to descend 3.4 miles (5,5 km) through lush rainforest. Be prepared for tight switchbacks, patches of loose rocks and creek crossings. The twisting, mostly smooth trail ultimately leads you back to the parking lot at Greenwaters Park. Popular for mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding.

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  • Parking:
    • No Parking
Trails & Routes
  • Difficulty:
    • Hard
  • Natural Points of Interest:
    • Old Growth Forest
  • Trail Details:
    • Dirt / Bark Path
    • Point to Point Trail
  • Trail Length:
    • Medium ( 2-5 miles)
  • Trail Users:
    • Hikers / Runners
    • Horseback Riders
    • Mountain Bikers