"Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly" Mural by Roger Peet

  • Address:
    106 S. 10th Street
    Cottage Grove OR 97424

This brightly colored mural on the Bohemia Food Hub building depicts the Taylor’s Checkerspot butterfly. This beautiful butterfly is endangered, and while it was once widely found in across the Willamette Valley, it is now in danger of becoming extinct. As its grassland and oak savanna habitat has been consumed by urban sprawl and agriculture, this medium sized butterfly with a 2 inch wingspan has had a dramatic drop in population. Taylor's Checkerspot was added to the endangered species list in 2013. In the mural, the Checkerspot is shown with a paintbrush flower, a common plant for the butterfly’s larvae to feed on. The mural project, sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity, is part of a national project highlighting endangered species. Portland artist Roger Peet spearheaded the painting in 2018 to bring awareness to the butterfly's plight.

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