A close up of the writing on the Berlin Wall

Recently, I had the opportunity to view an incredible piece of art. It was two sections of the Berlin Wall. The wall was displayed tastefully and allowed the viewer ample space to stand and reflect. I was stunned to see the name of a military group that I work with written across the top of the wall. Seeing that name personalized the wall for me.

As I moved to the side of the display I realized that the wall was only approximately 8 inches thick. Those 8 inches meant the difference between freedom and absolute restriction.

The 8 inches between freedom and absolute restrictionThe 8 inches between freedom and absolute restriction

I wondered what wall restricts me and I thought of the many planners that I work with. Is there something that is holding you back? Did you know that as a CVB we are your human library, your Google source? I am paid to know what is happening in my community along with what opportunities await you and your event that is scheduled here.

Allow me to work with you and let’s move that wall!