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Embracing Technology

Published: July 22, 2014
New technology, although extremely useful, can be difficult to figure out without some guidance

New technology, although extremely useful, can be difficult to figure out without some guidance

Technology is such a buzzword today. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing – you see people participating in or using technology (just look at the person across the table from you). Recently, I obtained a new vehicle and promptly set about programming it with my personal information (phone numbers, garage door code, etc.). However, I could not get the navigation system to add my address.  I’ve used navigation systems in other vehicles, but this was a newer version and my knowledge of it was extremely lacking. I could not figure out how to alter or save information even with the instruction guidelines in hand. Finally, in frustration I realized I needed a professional!

It’s like being an event planner. You know the basics of the area but not the details of the community. Often planners can initially be resistant to seeking information, with the thought of “we should know how to do whatever – we’ve done it in the past”. But when people seek the ones with information, the task can become easier, more convenient, efficient, and your depth of knowledge becomes greater for future events.

Talk to your Convention and Visitors Bureau and allow us to listen to your needs and frustrations, and share your concerns. Perhaps we just need to assist you in upping your navigation skills. Like in technology, things are ever-changing. And yes, with help, I did finally get my navigation system to accept my information!

Author: Juanita Metzler, CMP

A native Oregonian, Juanita Metzler loves business and event planning. When not working an event or visiting with planners she enjoys traveling, anything with the Oregon Ducks, trips to the beach and volunteering, with a cup of tea in her hand. She is the Senior Director, Conventions for Travel Lane County.