At the MPI WEC Conference I had the opportunity to hear and learn from several great speakers. Some new ideas and some reminders… that’s what I enjoy about attending MPI, taking time to focus and then coming back to the office to make them my own. I want to share a couple of my favorites tips.

"Don’t strap a rocket to a donkey—boost your unicorns” - Alex Plaxen

This caught my attention and reminded me to be willing to aim high without always using the tried and true ideas that everyone uses. Try out a new idea and see what happens.

"Don’t give your time, invest your time” - Amanda Armstrong, MPI Chair

This was a great reminder that we vote with our time and our feet so whatever we do, be passionate about it and make it an investment. A favorite saying of mine is “No is a complete sentence.” Say yes to those areas that you are passionate or even curious about and make wise use of your time. You can’t get it back.

"If you don’t create a hashtag your attendees will!" - Alex Plaxen 

There have been times when I don’t know or can’t find the event hashtag, so I have created one for them. The event doesn’t necessarily know this and can’t react or respond to my tweet but others see it. Typically, my tweets are positive but wouldn’t the event planner/social media and analytics director like to know what is being said about their event? Just look at Facebook – you don’t need a hashtag there but people are creating and using them constantly.

I love to move at a faster pace- Me

This came from my Visit Indy experience. We had the opportunity to get into an actual Indy 500 race car (minus engine, fuel and tank) and get the feel for what the drivers experience. The feeling of speed and being able to do the unimaginable permeated me as I excitedly hopped into that car and experienced something from someone else’s viewpoint.  By being in the car I could envision approaching someone to do business with that I would not have approached otherwise.

"It takes others to share your experiences. It is all about the experience.” - Opening Night Welcome 

If I do something alone, I alone participate in it. However, when I do something with someone else we collectively have that bond and experience. That creates a learning and memory experience whether it is with one other person or 2,500 other people. Sharing your experience with others is a great connection.

Many of the "lessons" that caught my attention were not conventional action items such as do this or try this. This took me by surprise. And makes me wonder what I will learn next.