As a conference leader, you want to give your team an experience they will remember. “Two truths and a lie” and "trust falls", while easy, are not exactly memorable.

Picture this -- the ocean waves are crashing before you, the sun is setting, the wind envelops you softly as you ride a horse along the beach. Sound unrealistic? Not anymore!

In the Eugene Cascades & Coast region, you can experience the perfect sunset beach ride for you and your team. Located in Florence on the Oregon Coast, C&M Stables offers a team experience for every type of group. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never ridden or if you’ve ridden 100 times, C&M makes sure each horse matches its rider’s capability.


After all the paperwork has been signed, the tour guide gives a rundown on the basics of riding - how to hold the reins, how to walk, trot and stop your horse as well as what to do should a problem arise. While on the ride, it is important to listen to the guide as well as the horses, but don’t forget to take a deep breath and absorb the peacefulness and unique beauty of the Oregon sand dunes.

Your team will not only get out into the brisk ocean air, they will get out of their comfort zone and participate in an event that will boost their morale and leave them feeling refreshed and invigorated. Offer this team building opportunity before or after your next meeting to give your team a chance to engage with each other in a new way. Encourage them to embrace the adventure and see their team in a new light.

The best part is that your adventure doesn’t have to stop there! Not only can you feast your eyes on the various sights around Florence, such as the photogenic Heceta Head Lighthouse or America's largest sea cave, Sea Lion Caves, you can feast your stomach at one of the many restaurants. Make sure to get a bag of salt-water taffy before you leave!