Why Whitewater Rafting? 

Strengthening your team and teaching new skills doesn’t just have to be done in a conference room. Imagine a way you could build rapport with your staff and work on teamwork in a fun, exciting environment. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, consider whitewater rafting! 

This exciting, wet adventure isn’t just for the thrill seekers out there; it’s also a great way to spend some time bonding with your team and using the techniques learned on your trip to work together as a group and achieve your goals. Whitewater rafting is offered in several different locations throughout our area. 

Whitewater rafting is available on several different rivers throughout Oregon. Here at Eugene Cascades & Coast, we can work to help set up river rafting tours on both the McKenzie and Willamette rivers. It’s a great way to bond with your team, and experience isn’t necessary. All whitewater rafting outfitters provide gear, so there’s no need to bring anything aside from your sense of adventure and appetite for fun, and of course some snacks, in case fun doesn’t completely satisfy your appetite. 

And it’s not all just paddling. You can also stop along the river for swimming, picnics, photos, etc. Most rafts hold between six to eight people, excluding your guide. Trips are available every day of the week, and group discounts are always available. When planning your stay with Eugene Cascades & Coast, let us help you make whitewater rafting your next big adventure!  

What You'll Gain: 

  • Learn how  to function and work as a team
  • Build cadence
  • Listen to each other
  • Learn from each other 
  • Strengthen teamwork skills

Fun Extras: 

  • Stop for swimming in calmer parts of the river
  • Have a picnic on the riverbank
  • Engage your team in a playful water fight