A recent news item in Corporate Event News listed the Top 11 Challenges Corporate Meeting Planners Face. Did you know that your local DMO can assist with the top two challenges?

Challenge #1

62% of Corporate Event Managers say their top challenge is “low budget, high expectations”. Your local DMO professionals are experts when it comes to finding the best, most efficient ways to stretch your budget in their destination. Among the many ways DMO staff can assist: connections to proven local vendors; assistance in soliciting local sponsors for in-kind support; creative ideas to utilize free, or nearly free, venues; discounts for delegates at shops and restaurants. Plus complimentary staff support in the areas of creating and hosting an event-specific web microsite, use of images and video for marketing; and attendance promotion activities.

Challenge #2

55% say “finding creative ideas for event design”. One of my favorite adages is, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. That is especially true when planning creative, unique events in an unfamiliar destination. I’m sure you know the cool offerings your hometown offers, but what about a city you’ve only visited once or twice? Again, your DMO professionals do know where all the cool places are and they’ve experienced unique activities other groups have produced. They know what works and, more important, what doesn’t. They have connections to venues, speakers and VIPs that will zip you to the front of the line and save you hours of research and dozens of emails.  

Most planners understand the value of working with a DMO for sourcing their destination and venues. However, many are not aware of the additional complimentary service support a DMO can provide that can save invaluable time and money.

Let us help you stretch your budget, save your time and discover the unexpected!

The full article and infographic with the top 11 challenges event managers face can be found at Corporate Event News.