Want to get your team’s creative juices flowing? Try yoga and mimosas at the Oregon Wine Lab for your next conference!

It seems like creating yoga variations is all the rage now: Goat Yoga, Acro Yoga, Nude Yoga…the possibilities are endless and ongoing!  Kacy Minnis, the General Manager at Oregon Wine Lab has joined with STOP DROP & YOGA to combine two great relaxers to create an awesome team building activity: yoga and mimosas! This outside-the-studio yoga experience is for those who are either curious, new or knowledgeable yoga practitioners.

During the summer, practitioners can do yoga and mimosas outside on the patio allowing people to experience Eugene’s beautiful weather in a convenient downtown location. However, this is not a summer only activity! During the winter, the class is held in the tasting room which creates a unique yoga experience. There, practitioners can enjoy their mimosas and connect with each other both before and after yoga.

Kacy credits the success of yoga and mimosas to the Oregon Wine Lab’s location.

By having it in an atypical location, I feel it takes the pressure off the attendees to feel like they need to be experienced in yoga practice.  It’s more about the experience of togetherness and place than it is about being perfect at your downward dog.

Oregon Wine Lab-Stop Drop & Yoga by Benjamin Wilkinson

But how exactly is yoga a team-building activity?  Benjamin Wilkinson, the organizer of STOP DROP & YOGA, expounded on the team-building benefits of yoga.

Yoga at the Oregon Wine LAB is an excellent team building experience as yoga improves those things we need most in group project settings: focus, clarity & communication.  Studies have shown that mindfulness based practices improve listening, attentional focus & productivity, all super important for planning meetings and events with lots of details and moving parts.  But don't let the science hold you back, students at the Wine LAB talk about relaxation, embracing vulnerability & fun, all key components in improving communication.

As yoga and mimosas is beginner friendly, it adds a challenge while not fully intimidating the individual.  At the end of the session, your team will have participated in an activity that promotes and elevates both the group and the individual.

Deciding on yoga and mimosas as a team-building activity shows that you care for your attendee’s overall well-being and physical health. The end result will be employees who will be able to work together in a more thoughtful, cohesive, focused way.

Contact us to set up a yoga and mimosas class or a general yoga class for your next conference!

Oregon Wine Lab-Stop Drop & Yoga by Benjamin Wilkinson