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Adventure Center/Visitor Information: 3312 Gateway St · Springfield OR (Open daily 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
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Board of Directors Responsibilities

A Brief Overview

Travel Lane County is a private non-profit 501(c)6 corporation, founded in 1980. It has a thirty-member voting board and eight ex-officio members. It is responsible for marketing Lane County as a visitor destination. Travel Lane County's mission is to increase overnight visitors, thereby enhancing the local economy through the importation of visitor dollars.

Travel Lane County is funded from county room tax. Currently, we receive 2.1 points of transient room tax, equating to around 1.9 million dollars per annum, from Lane County. This is about 38% of County collections and approximately 23% of all room taxes collected throughout the County. A room tax ordinance directs this distribution, though funding remains at the discretion of the county commissioners.

Travel Lane County's total budget is $2.2 million, with close to $200,000 coming from member dues and advertising revenue. Travel Lane County is a membership association with over 500 member businesses located throughout Lane County.

The board meets monthly, on the fourth Thursday of each month over lunch. Board members purchase their own lunch, at a cost of $16 inclusive. Locations vary, but are generally within the metro area. The board does not meet in July or November. December's meeting is typically moved up to the first or second week to avoid the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Board members are also sometimes asked to attend meetings with Lane County's board of commissioners, and are expected to attend as many Travel Lane County member events as possible.

The board is a volunteer board that works at the policy level, reviewing and approving our annual operating budget, annual marketing plan, any proposed changes to bylaws, personnel guidelines, etc. We discuss issues impacting the visitor industry and at times provide input to local and/or state government. The board is responsible for the hiring, evaluation, and termination of the President/CEO. All remaining staff members report to the President/CEO.

Travel Lane County contracts for a full audit each year to assure appropriate financial oversight. Travel Lane County does maintain directors and officers liability insurance. Board packets are e-mailed one week prior to each board meeting and contain agendas, monthly reports, and abstracts on all action and information items along with any relevant background materials. Each packet contains a call for an RSVP for attendance and whether or not a board member will be eating lunch. At the meetings, the agenda is followed closely, and Robert's Rules of Order generally apply. The atmosphere is relaxed. Meetings typically last one and one half-hours.