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McKinney-Vento Program

and the Family Resource Center at the Brattain House

The 2018 NWAC Volleyball Showcase is pleased to partner with the McKinney-Vento Program and the Family Resource Center at the Brattain House, a local charitable organization in Springfield, Oregon. The Brattain House provides a variety of services to families in need, and each team's donation of clothing and school supplies will directly benefit underserved youth in the community. 

Donation Information

Team Donations: Each team bring one backpack/duffel bag (or more) filled with a variety of the supplies listed below.

Where: Donation bins will be available at the tournament venue on Saturday for drop off.

Cash Donations: 100% goes to help students for things such as obtaining birth certificates, paying school fees, purchasing special clothing for school events, providing incentives for attendance or academic achievement and more. Donations are tax deductible and checks can be made to the school of your choice with McKinney-Vento in the subject line.

Gift Cards: These are immensely helpful to our families! Cards for gas, local movie theaters, grocery and clothing stores are always greatly appreciated by the families that receive them.

School Supplies: Any of the supplies that any kid needs are helpful! Everything from pens, pencils, and paper, to binders, backpacks, and scientific and graphing calculators for students young and old are an essential need for our students. Check your school’s supply list!

Clothing: Hats, gloves, new socks and new underwear in all sizes.

Household Goods & Hygiene Products: Think about the things we all need! Everything helps, from toilet paper, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, to diapers of all sizes, deodorant and feminine hygiene products.

Donation Supplies List


Calculators (scientific and graphing)


Gift cards (grocery stores, gas, local movie theaters, etc.)
Duffel Bags
New socks and underwear of all sizes


Laundry soap
Bar soap/body soap
Shaving cream
Hygiene pack
Personal products 
Fingernail polish/Make up

Thank you for supporting the McKinney Vento Program and the Family Resource Center at the Brattain House!