About Oakridge - Westfir, Oregon

Oakridge is known as the "The Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest," with hundreds of miles of world-class mountain biking trails, gold-level "Ride Center" status by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and an enthusiastic mountain biking community.

Surrounded by the Willamette National Forest and the area sparkles with many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Salt Creek Falls tumbles 286 feet (87m), the second-highest waterfall in Oregon after Multnomah Falls. Waldo Lake is Oregon's second-largest lake (the largest is Crater Lake) and one of the world's purest. 

During the summer drive or ride the scenic Aufderheide Highway (Road 19) connecting the Oakridge - Westfir area with the McKenzie River corridor further north. On this scenic road, cruise through old-growth forests and breathe in the rejuvenating mountain air.

Less than an hour from Eugene - Springfield, this mountain town on Highway 58 is en-route to the Willamette Pass Resort ski area. Above the fog and below the snow, Oakridge offers a memorable journey into the heart of the Cascades.

"Oregon is Magic" Mural

Travel Oregon launched a magical Studio Ghibli-style campaign in 2018 promoting the state's attractions. Oakridge was one of seven communities first chosen for their "Oregon Mural Trail". Celebrating the community's mountain biking status and natural beauty, Oakridge's mural showcases a mountain biker riding up an exaggerated wooden ramp that winds like a rollercoaster through thick forests. Visit it across from the Oakridge City Hall on 1st Street near the 3 Legged Crane Pub and Brewhouse.

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