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How Oregon Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) Can Help Your Team Win

What is the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network?

The Oregon Small Business Development Center Network provides advising, training, online courses and resources for businesses throughout our state. Our 19 conveniently-located Centers and 42 locations assist business people like you in every aspect of business development and management.

Oregon’s SBDCs deliver our services to anyone who owns or operates a business or is planning to start a business. We work with businesses in every industry and at every stage of growth, from startups to well-established companies, from one employee to 500. In addition to no-cost confidential advising, we offer training and online courses that cover a wide range of business topics.

The Oregon Small Business Development Network was launched in 1983 and is part of the America’s Small Business Development Centers national network. The Oregon Network is a well-established partnership between 17 Oregon community colleges, two state universities, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Oregon Business Development Department.

What will you learn from the SBDC break out session?

By the end of the session, attendees should walk away with the following:

  1. What is the Oregon SBDC and why do they exist?
  2. What does the SBDC provide and offer?
  3. How does somebody access SBDC services?

The 50 minute break out session will cover three topics. First, we will cover general information about the SBDC. How and why was it formed, how it is funded and our overall objectives as supported and funded by the Federal Small Business Administration and Oregon State Legislature. We will also provide recent impacts for Oregon enabled by SBDC work across the state. These impacts will include jobs created, new business started as well as capital infusion / growth in Oregon. These impacts are all provided by the small business served by the different SBDC centers around the state.

Second, we will introduce the different services that are available from SBDC and what you can expect from those services. These include the common services provided by each center, e.g., free business advising, specific topic and skill-based trainings as well as our cohort-based training program, Small Business Management. In addition, we will introduce several state-wide services that can also be accessed and used by OR small businesses.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, we will provide you with the keys of how to access the center’s services, using the local Lane SBDC as the example. The session will end with open questions from the audience. 

In addition to the presentation, we will have staff available at specific times to answer confidential or private questions to help people access the services they need for their business success.

Required legal notice

The Oregon SBDC Network is funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Oregon Business Development Department, and other private and public partners, with Lane Community College serving as the Network’s lead host institution. Oregon SBDC services are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis. Language services are available for limited English proficient individuals.