Diamond Creek Falls

Your steep hike down is rewarded with a close up experience of the waterfall.

Diamond Creek Falls is located near Oakridge - Westfir in the Cascade Mountains.

  • A glittering fan of water glistens over a 90 foot (27.432 m) drop, then falls an additional 500 feet (152.40 m) over a series of tiers considered the Lower Falls.
  • The 3.2 mile (5.1499 km) loop trail skirts the rims of the Salt Creek and Diamond Creek Canyons, passing the lower falls first and continuing to the upper falls where Diamond Creek spills over. Halfway through the hike a side trail descends to the base of the upper falls for a dramatic look up.
  • On this hike it's possible to touch the water as it sprays down. Remember to use caution climbing over the giant boulders and loose stones and always be aware that rocks and debris may come over the falls.
  • In the spring the forest is even more vibrant with blooming rhododendrons.

Diamond Creek Falls by Sally McAleer


  • Access to the Diamond Creek Falls trailhead is from Salt Creek Falls Observation Site's parking lot
  • Mosquitoes may be pesky in the spring
  • Willamette National Forest - Middle Fork Ranger District
  • Day Use Fee Area ($5 a vehicle) or Recreation Pass required. Permits may be purchased at the Adventure Center in Springfield
  • Facilities closed in winter 
  • Adjacent the Salt Creek Sno-Park in winter
  • Connects to Vivian Lake Trail #3662 

Directions: Diamond Creek Falls is 23 miles (37.015 km) southeast of Oakridge and approximately 5 miles (8.0467 km) west of Willamette Pass. From Hwy 58 look for signs to Salt Creek Falls, turn onto FS Road 5893 and follow the Salt Creek signs. Diamond Creek Falls is accessed here.


Diamond Creek Falls

  • Hwy 58, east of milepost 58, Oakridge OR 97463
  • P: 541.782.2283


  • Sip a really good beer at the 3 Legged Crane Pub and Brewhouse, tucked in the mountain biking town of Oakridge.
  • Soak in the very hot McCredie Hot Springs between mile marker 45 and 46 on Hwy 58.
  • Add intrigue to the region's hikes by geocaching along the way. 
  • Explore the Waldo Lake Wilderness. Waldo Lake is one of the clearest lakes in the world. It's a great place to launch a canoe.


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