Trestle Creek Falls

This ultimate waterfall adventure involves the classic lush grotto experience of the lower falls paired with a unique behind-the-falls perspective of the rocky upper falls.

Trestle Creek Falls is located near Cottage Grove in the Willamette Valley.

  • An elegant fan waterfall, framed by a mossy rock grotto, ferns and towering old growth; drops a total of 60 feet (18.288 m) over two tiers. 
  • Trestle Creek Trail #1403C is a moderate .75 mile (1.2070 km) hike over gentle terrain ideal for family hikes year-round.
  • Exert yourself on the more difficult Upper Trestle Creek Falls Trail #1403D for an additional 2.5 miles (4.0234 km) of adventure. On this portion, the trail goes behind the cascading waterfall itself! 
  • Trestle Creek Falls peaks in spring with snow-melt. Late summer and autumn when water levels drop, the falls' roar retreats to a melodious murmur.

A moss-covered log sits in a pool beneath a waterfall


  • The trailhead is approximately 25 miles (40.234 km) from Cottage Grove
  • Umpqua National Forest - Cottage Grove Ranger District
  • Watch out for poison oak along the trail on the southern slopes
  • No fee or permits required 

Directions: From Cottage Grove follow Row River Rd east for 19 miles (30.578 km).

At the junction of Layng Creek Rd and Brice Creek Rd, stay right travelling onto Brice Creek Rd for another 8.2 miles (13.197 km).

At the junction of Champion Creek Rd and Brice Creek Rd, park before the bridge. Follow the Brice Creek Trail across the foot bridge. Hike west on Brice Creek Trail #1403 to the Trestle Creek Falls Trailhead.


Trestle Creek Falls

  • Row River Rd to Brice Creek Rd, Cottage Grove OR 97424
  • P: 541.767.5000


  • Explore the small town lore of Cottage Grove. This former gold rush and logging community has a colorful history as both home to Opal Whiteley, a controversial mystic, and as a frequent Hollywood film set. Tour the town's murals and museums. 
  • Tour half a dozen historic covered bridges in town and around Dorena Reservoir by cycling, hiking or driving along the Row River National Recreation Trail
  • High calibre community theater is onstage at the Cottage Theatre.
  • Visit the local tasting rooms of nearby wineries. Saginaw Vineyard offers a picturesque classic farm setting.
  • The Village Green Resort showcases a dozen theme gardens to meander.

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