Indoor Multi-Use Sports Facility Supports Lane County Strategic Priorities

We applaud the Lane County Board of Commissioners’ Strategic Plan and believe an indoor multi-use sports facility will support its stated priorities.

Safe, Healthy County

An indoor multi-use sports facility would provide a space and place for kids and adults to practice, play and compete. Healthy movement positively impacts behavioral and physical health and is available to everyone. An added benefit would be its potential use as an emergency response space that would be climate-controlled and big enough to help when the need arises. It’s not an overstatement to say that a facility like this could save lives. This facility would support physical and behavioral health, as well as public safety.

Robust Infrastructure

The Lane County Fairgrounds can be the civic gathering place for Lane County residents. Adding this indoor multi-use sports facility to the mix of infrastructure on the fairgrounds would bring a different kind of use to the campus — that of active play. This facility would provide space for 10+ sports to practice, play and hold tournaments, including indoor track, basketball and volleyball. Being an indoor facility, it could also be used for meetings and emergency response. This recession-proof facility is guaranteed to produce a high return on an investment that could include economic success, improved safety, community connection and enjoyment of life.

Vibrant Communities

Creating a place and space for kids and adults to play indoors creates an active community year-round. It would also result in the highest economic return by maximizing visitor spending in our county. This facility would foster an engaged community, economic vitality and a healthy environment.