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Fishing the McKenzie River by Elizabeth KingNotice the spring in your step as you venture along the trails and bike paths of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region this season. The weather is typically cool, alternating clear, sunny days with cloudy and wet.

From March to May, including the University of Oregon spring break, this is an excellent time to explore the region's natural and agricultural landscapes. Garden stores are hopping as farmers and gardeners gear up for the season.

The Willamette Valley is lush and green, blessed with budding flowers, baby farm animals and rainbows. Whales migrate along the Oregon Coast, and spring snowshoeing gradually turns to hiking along leafy paths in the Cascade Mountains.


Cycling in the Owen Memorial Rose GardenJust as nature is springing to life, so are the locals! Follow the blooms from the coast to the Cascades and partake in the many celebrations of springtime. Look for these flowering favorites:

  • Cherry blossoms in shades of white to deep pink. Visit the century-old Black Tartarian cherry tree in Eugene's Owen Memorial Rose Garden.
  • Golden daffodils in rows along country roads. Cruise Junction City during the Daffodil Drive & Festival in March.

Camas Flower Field by Willamalane

Native rhododendrons. Since 1908, Florence has been celebrating every May with a spectacular Rhododendron Festival. In Eugene, Hendricks Park is known for its abundant rhodies.

Rhododendrons aren't the only magnificent flower on the Oregon Coast - with the advent of spring, the Darlingtonia Californica, a red and green carnivorous bloom, sends up single, nodding flowers followed by larger pitchers to trap their pray. This fascinating flower can be viewed at Darlingtonia Wayside in Florence, a state park dedicated to this rare flora's preservation.

In April beautiful purple camas and pond lilies in the low wetland areas of the Willamette Valley start budding. Wander through the wildflower meadows at Mount Pisgah Arboretum and welcome wild Iris at the Wildflower Festival in May.


Play in the rain or soak up the sunshine on one of these springtime adventures:

  • Snow run-off swells rivers and reservoirs, making this the best season for waterfall viewing!
  • Tweet, tweet, tweet - exchange your mobile device for binoculars and bird watch in area wetlands, parks and forests. Observe nest building and mating rituals.
  • Roll through Oregon Wine Country. Memorial Day weekend features barrel tours and live concerts.
  • The Saturday Market returns to Eugene's downtown park blocks. Mellow out with some tie-dye and tofu.