Cycle Oregon Classic is Back

Cyclists Depart Oakridge/Westfir for Tokatee on Sunday

Over 2,000 cyclists are descending on Lane County from far and wide as the 2019 Cycle Oregon Classic begins Sunday, September 8. 

The 7-day ride takes riders through spectacular Oregon scenery as it winds east to central Oregon and then south to pedal the rim of majestic Crater Lake. Heading north past Diamond Lake, riders will return to Lane County with a stop at Dorena Lake on day 6. The final day will be a leg burner as riders gain over 5,000 feet of elevation on their return to Oakridge and the celebration that awaits.  

Cycling in Oregon continues to grow and has become an economic engine, driving more than $400 million in annual spending. Also contributing to the economy, and funding dozens of projects around the state, is Cycle Oregon's grant programs. Offering two grant programs, the Cycle Oregon Fund"helps preserve and protect the special places of Oregon and supports community development projects in the regions through which we ride." 

Contact: Steve Schulz, Executive Director, Cycle Oregon, 503.381.4614,