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Scenery and History Come Alive

Published: June 18, 2019

Together Anywhere's Audio App Launches

Eugene, OR - The state of Oregon has many National Scenic Byways, All-American Roads and State Tour Routes, but until now no one has had an easy way to figure out exactly what they were seeing from their car window.

A new travel company called Together Anywhere is fixing that. Available June 25, the Together Anywhere Audio Guides app is available for both Apple and Android devices. The free app allows you to purchase and download the audio tours for only $5. Once downloaded, the tours don't require Wi-Fi or internet access. Thanks to GPS technology, the narration automatically plays as you cross a point of interest, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

Tours include routes from the Willamette Valley through the Cascade Mountains to Bend. Choose from the McKenzie Highway edition, Eugene to Bend, or the Santiam Canyon route from Salem to Bend. The McKenzie Highway edition includes historic Highway 242, which is also an Oregon Scenic Bikeway.

Melanie Griffin, Travel Lane County Tourism Marketing Coordinator, noted, "I really enjoyed the Together Anywhere Audio Tour. I thought I knew a lot about the McKenzie River area before this tour but was surprised by how much I learned from the narrator. The tour wasn’t just full of facts and history, it was also fun! Perfectly placed “dad jokes” made us laugh and started conversations within the group about each bit of information. The suggested stops along the way ensure listeners won’t miss anything along the way. I can’t wait to try their next tour!"

More About Together Anywhere:

Andrew Hussey is the narrator and storyteller who writes and records what you are seeing. When not working with Together Anywhere, he is the Community Event Coordinator at Venti’s Café and Tap House. Born, raised and still living in West Salem, he is the third generation member of his family to be in the travel business. In the past, Andrew has created and escorted trips to Belize, Fun Bus concert trips to the Columbia Gorge and even put together and led a 10-car automobile tour to a Dave Matthews Concert in San Francisco. “I’ve loved anything to do with travel my whole life,” Andrew said about his excitement of being a part of the Together Anywhere team. “When I started my band (Jamalia) I thought maybe I could be a travelling rock star – at least that was going to be my excuse. Now getting to physically check out places, research them and tell their story is a dream-come-true.” 

The idea for Together Anywhere started two years ago when the other partners Christy Hey and Arnaud Verstuyf went traveling in search of a business that would combine her knack for storytelling, his technical knowledge and their combined love of travel. Christy takes care of the company’s business and content development. Arnaud moved to Oregon from Belgium in 2017 and develops the technology for the company. 

“Christy is a talented musician and shortly after we met she joined my band as a singer,” Andrew mentioned. “We also worked together on a band tour to Alaska, so we knew we work well together. We started with the McKenzie Highway which was an easy choice because it is one of my favorite drives in the world. A lot of companies in Europe do this, but unlike the others, we are actually telling the story and not reading pages out of a book. Christy gives me 75 minutes worth of content that I have to get down into two-minute clips. If I’m bored I figure you will be too and I cut it out. My goal is to talk like I am in the car with you.” 

Contact: Christy Hey, 503-877-2242,,

Author: Andy Vobora

Vice-President of Stakeholder Relations, Travel Lane County
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