Dedicated cideries are popping up, fueled by the increasing interest in gluten-free diets, locovore dining and hard cider's fresh flavors.

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Eugene's popular Wildcraft Cider Works utilizes Oregon fruit and botanicals to make unpasteurized hard ciders without any artificial flavorings, sulfites or added sweeteners. They also host a community apple drive each fall, accepting fallen and unwanted apples, pears and plums from residential backyards in exchange for a share of community-made juice or cider.

House-crafted hard ciders are also catching on at local breweries, as brewers are starting to add cider to their tap line-ups. Elk Horn Brewery presses and ferments a rainbow of their own delicious ciders from blueberries, raspberries cherries and oranges.

You can visit both Wildcraft Cider Works and Elk Horn Brewery as part of the Eugene Ale Trail!

And wineries are getting into the orchard too, with King Estate's recent release of pear and apple ciders.

A tumbler glass is a third full of cider at Wildcraft Cider Works

Please consume responsibly. Designate a driver, call a cab or use public transportation.