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Eugene Tasting Trails FAQs


How long do I have to complete the Eugene Tasting Trails? Is there a deadline?

The Eugene Tasting Trails are ongoing programs but passport completion ends August 31, 2020. The Eugene Ale Trail, Eugene Distillery Trail and Pinot Bingo/Wine Trail programs and prizes are subject to change without notice at any time. Promotional prizes are only available while supplies last. Please call 541.484.5307 for program and prize updates.

What are the prizes for the different passports?

  • Eugene Ale Trail: Beer Fan and Beer Master levels choose a prize from a selection of logo items and glassware. The Bonus Prize is a Eugene Ale Trail stainless-steel pint glass.
  • Eugene Distillery Trail: A Eugene Distillery Trail logo shot glass
  • South Willamette Wine Trail (formerly Pinot Bingo): For the Wine Flight Level, Wine Bottle Level and Full Cellar Level, choose from a selection of commemorative items. 

*Prizes are subject to change at any time and are available only as supplies last.

What if I'm one check-in short on my passport, the location is closed and I'm leaving town?

Only completed app or paper passports may be redeemed. Please plan accordingly. Confirm open hours directly with the individual businesses as days and times listed may change.

How do I pick up my prize(s)? 

Show your completed level to the staff at Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Centers in Eugene (754 Olive St), open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and fill out a short survey. You can collect prizes as you go (coming in at each completed level) or one time after finishing multiple levels and/or trails. Limit of one passport per person.

Can I redeem my passport for prizes by mail?

Yes, contact us at 541.743.8767 for details. Shipping costs may be $10 - 20 or more depending on the item.

Is there transportation available? Uber or Lyft?

Yes. Eugene now has Uber and Lyft services in addition to a variety of taxi, tours and limo offerings.

Can I play the game(s) multiple times? Can I receive prizes a second time?

No. At this time, the app only allows you to complete each passport challenge one time. If you have given us permission to message you, you will be the first to hear about special games or changes to the program. You can only turn in one paper passport per person.

Can my minor children visit participating locations with me?

Yes, for many breweries and wineries. However, the distilleries along with some breweries and wineries may prohibit minors or have restrictions on seating sections, hours and special events. Please call the individual businesses for details.

Can I take my dog to participating locations?

Some of them. Oakshire (on their outside patio) are generally dog-friendly. Check with the individual businesses for their canine policies. 

Can each family member have their own passport?

All players must be 21 years or older to participate and redeem for prizes. One passport per person. While dogs are part of our families, they do not qualify for passports.


Is there a paper passport version of the Eugene Tasting Trails available?

Yes. Previous versions of the paper passports are still valid, and you can still use them to play. However; paper passports may not have a complete list of the current participating breweries, cideries, distilleries and wineries. Paper passports are available of the Eugene Ale Trail, Eugene Distillery Trail and South Willamette Wine Trail at the Downtown Eugene Visitor Center (754 Olive St).

Do all the breweries, cideries, distilleries, wineries and tasting rooms listed still stamp?

Yes. You can find the current list of participating businesses on the Eugene Tasting Trails app.

I earned paper passport stamps for locations that are no longer participating on the app. Will those stamps still count towards prize redemption?

There have been a few instances of businesses closing or choosing not to continue participating in the programs. If you have an older paper version of the passport, we will still honor any stamps earned prior to program changes. For instructions on how to receive credit, please contact 541.484.5307.

Can I combine my paper stamps with my app stamps?


Take a photo of the specific locations you already have stamped on your paper passport. Then, enter the app and select the business listing you already have stamped under the appropriate trail.

Under the location you would like to transfer to the app, choose “Check-In” and select “Transfer Stamps". Transfer previous paper passport stamps into the app by submitting a photo of each stamp. No other images will be accepted. If using a Pinot Bingo Card (printed before 2018): Take a photo of the entire Pinot Bingo Card and select “Check-In” for each winery.

Verification may take up to seven days. 

Please keep your paper passport until stamps have been verified. Additional verification may be required.

The business didn't have any more printed passports, so I had them stamp a napkin. Does that count?

Unfortunately, no. Stamps must be loaded into the app or must be placed on the paper passport. Please let us know if you discover a location that has run out of paper passports so that we may provide them with more printed passports while supplies last.

I went to a participating business, have a receipt to prove it but forgot to get stamped. Can you stamp it for me at the Adventure Center?

No, we do not have the stamps. You must get your passport stamped on-site at the participating location.

Can I present a photocopy of my passport?

No, it must be the original.

Can I keep my paper passport after its redeemed?

Yes, we will stamp it, copy it and return the original to you as a keepsake.

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Can I earn the Bonus Prize for the Eugene Ale Trail before completing the Eugene - Springfield area portion?

No, to earn the Bonus Prize you must redeem the eight Eugene - Springfield area stamps first. However, you can visit the breweries in any order. 

I earned nine stamps on my passport but didn't get to a brewery outside of Eugene - Springfield. Can I still get the bonus prize?

No, the ninth stamp must be from a brewery located outside of Eugene - Springfield such as the Brewers Union Local 180 in Oakridge or Jerry’s Place Bar & Grill featuring What’cha Brewing in Florence.

Are the Eugene Ale Trail growlers, stainless steel cups or pint glasses available for purchase?

No, you have to earn them by playing the Eugene Ale Trail.

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South Willamette Wine Trail (formerly Pinot Bingo)

Where can I fill my prize wine growlette?

Growlers can be filled with wine at the following locations: The Tap and Growler and Sundance Wine Cellars, Inc.

Is there still a grand prize drawn for completing the game?

No. There is no longer a grand prize for completing the Full Cellar Level. The last prize drawing happened in Spring 2018. However, if you have signed up to receive messages, we will send you messages when we have special promotions.

For the paper passport, does the Wine Bottle Level allow you to earn a prize in any direction? Or does it have to be the center three rows?

Yes, for the paper passport, you can win a prize by completing any three rows. If you are playing on the app, it you can redeem the Wine Bottle Level by visiting any 15 participating wineries or tasting rooms.

Are there different versions of the South Willamette Wine Trail / Pinot Bingo paper passport?

Yes. there are three versions of the paper passport. Check the back of the passport for the version number - challenge your friends to see who wins first!

(Ex. Card 1 – May 2018/15,000)

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