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The Unofficial Simpsons Tour

We are sure Springfield, Oregon is the real Simpsons' Springfield. Matt Groening has said so himself, once signing a plaque "To the REAL Springfield," and once in an interview with the "Smithsonian." We invite you to take a photo opportunity tour and check out the "proof" along the way. Here are six must-see stops for "The Simpsons" fans.



Springfield Horse, Oregon Statehood Memorial by Traci WilliamsonSpringfield Horseman Statue
Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
101 S A St, Springfield

In the show, the town square memorial depicts Jebediah Springfield. In Springfield, OR an unknown rider presides over the entrance to the city. UO art student Charles Forrester designed Springfield's statue in 1960 for Oregon's 1959 Centennial. It is adjacent to two small riverfront parks and the Historic Springfield Depot which houses the Chamber of Commerce.

In 2007, Springfield painted the statue "Simpsons yellow" as part of the national competition for premiering "The Simpsons Movie."

Moe's In Springfield by Taj MorganMoe's Tavern
421 S A St, Springfield
Okay, so this recently opened tavern has no claim as inspiration for The Simpsons. Instead, the show inspired its name! But even so, it's still worth a stop so you can say, "I've been to Moe's Tavern in Springfield."

Moe's Tavern offers foosball, darts, a pool table, a juke box and a big screen television. Meal service is provided by the adjoining restaurant, Chow's. They are known for their candied bacon. Besides the Moe's Tavern name, there are nods to "The Simpsons" with Homer's "yearbook photo" in the restroom, a giant inflatable pink doughnut with sprinkles and a painting of "Duff Man."

Simpsons at the Springfield Museum by Lisa LawtonSimpsons Family
Springfield Museum 
590 Main St, Springfield 
Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
A treasure trove of Springfield's history, this wonderfully curated museum highlights in-depth exhibits from Springfield's past. Among all the black and white photos and antiques sits the life size Simpsons family on the cardboard prop couch used for the movie premiere. There is just enough room to sit beside them for a photo opportunity.

Directly behind the Springfield Museum in Springfield's City Manager's office hangs a plaque on which Matt Groening wrote "Yo to Springfield, Oregon - the real Springfield! Your pal, Matt Groening proud Oregonian!"

Simpsons Mural by Thomas MoserThe Simpsons Mural 
Emerald Art Center
500 Main St (Corner of 5th and Main St), Springfield
Open Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Approved by the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, a mural of "The Simpsons" graces the west wall of the Emerald Art Center. The mural is a collaboration by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation print artist Julius Preite and "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening. The 15 by 30 foot mural was installed by the Old City Artists in 2014. Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, presided over the mural's dedication.

The Emerald Art Center hosts art workshops, rotating exhibits and a gift shop. Walking around downtown Springfield, discover over eight other community murals.


UO Pioneer Statue by Kari WestlundThe Pioneer Statue
University of Oregon
(Between Johnson, Fenton and Friendly Halls)
1098 E 13th, Eugene
Many claim "The Simpsons" statue of Jebediah Springfield is based on the bronze pioneer statue on the University of Oregon campus. Installed in 1919 by Alexander Phimister Proctor, it depicts a trapper carrying a rifle.

The University of Oregon offers self-guided tours of campus on its mobile app. While there, be sure to visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and the Natural and Cultural History Museum.Max's Tavern by Ivan Freck

Max's Tavern
550 E 13th Ave, Eugene
Open daily, 2 p.m. - 2 a.m. 

Max's Tavern must have been the inspiration for Moe's Tavern right down to the jar of pickled eggs on the counter. The exterior is an identical match to the illustrated version and folklore says Matt Groening spent time sketching at the bar during his college years.

They don't serve Duff beer but they do have Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Max's Tavern is the oldest bar in Eugene still in its original location. Since Max opened the doors in 1932, very little has changed. We challenge you to eat a pickled egg.