Should your event be sustainable?

Your team has just won and all the mandatory celebrations are over. As you begin to clean up the facility you are faced with a problem: What to do with all this extra food? Should it just be thrown away?

To fix this problem and to allow businesses to reduce their environmental impact, Eugene has implemented the Love Food Not Waste (LFNW) program which allows sports events and food businesses to turn their food scraps into healthy compost instead of taking up space in a landfill and creating lots of greenhouse gases.

What is the LFNW program?

The Love Food Not Waste Program was implemented in 2012 and has been expanding rapidly ever since. Through the program, garbage haulers pick up the food waste from designated bins and haul them to Rexius where the food is exposed to heat and breaks down over a year. Afterwards, people use the food waste (now compost) for gardening thus bringing the cycle of food to a close.

Love Food Not Waste blog

Why should a sports event use LFNW?

First off, it’s very easy to implement into your infrastructure! Simply add it to the waste and recycling collections already happening. Second off, it’s cheaper in the long run! The food waste is collected at a rate that is 20-25% lower than a standard garbage program.

Making your next sports event green with the Love Food Not Waste program will create a legacy that is positive within the community. The venues are utilized to their full potential and the community environment is made healthier in the long run. Sustainable events also serve as inspiration for people to take action to be sustainable in their own personal lives.

Being sustainable doesn’t stop there!

Some other suggestions to make your next sports event in Eugene sustainable are maximizing internet visibility rather than using printed materials, providing bicycle racks or shelters and using EWEB’s greenpower and water dispensing station. 

Eugene welcomes sports events as they are an opportunity to bring people of different ages and interest groups together to enrich and strengthen the community. Contact us to set up an appointment!