The Pacific Pub Cycle ready for action

There is no question that Eugene has a strong bicycle culture. We have miles of paths, bicycle/pedestrian only bridges, and have been noted as one of the more bike-friendly cities in the US. So what happens when you combine Eugene’s love of bikes with Eugene’s love of beer? You get the Pacific Pub Cycle, a multi-passenger community bike that allows groups to pedal around town and imbibe in drinks from local breweries. Recently some of the Travel Lane County staff ventured out on the Pacific Pub Cycle to enjoy some craft brews around town. Read more about their adventures in our Eugene, Cascades & Coast Blog.

Jessica Chestnut sportsAbout the author: Jessica Chestnut is the Social Media and PR Manager for Convention and Sports. Although she’s only been in Lane County since 2008, there’s nowhere else in Oregon she would rather be. She spends her free time exploring the great outdoors, snowboarding, camping, floating the McKenzie, watching college football, enjoying local microbrews and spending time with her husband and puppy.