Sports have been put on hold all over the world, but creative sports planners are exploring ways to host events while maintaining state and local recommended safety protocols and guidelines.

As we start to see most of the major professional sports in the country plan for how to bring their respective sports back, we are also seeing local community sports planners and organizers struggling with some of the same issues and questions.

Whether it is basketball or baseball, soccer or hockey, football or track, sport plays an important role in the collective psyche of American communities. Add the loss of the economic impact sporting events provide for many communities and the losses are both emotional and financial.

In a recent webinar hosted by the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission and state health representatives for the region, sports planners were able to seek advice on recently issued safety protocols for Phase II of the Oregon Reopening Framework. Separate guidance documents were issued, including:

As one can imagine, it can be challenging to understand all the varying recommendations and how to creatively plan for how to adapt your sport or event to meet the requirements.

Joey Jewell, Senior Director of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission participated in the workgroup that helped to develop the state’s sports guidance. He has been working with local planners to help them get answers to their questions and to help brainstorm creative solutions for their events. Jewell states, “There are ways to host events while both maintaining appropriate social distancing and adhering to all mandates and guidance.” Planners are encouraged to work with Mr. Jewell to try and find a path forward for their event.

When it is time, we hope you will consider hosting your event here. The Eugene, Cascades & Coast region of Oregon thrives on sports and is teeming with sports fans, volunteers, and local sports planners who are ready and prepared for the comeback of sports!