*originally appeared in the August issue of SportsEvents Magazine as part of their Top Outdoor Adventure Sports Spots 

Eugene, Oregon
Located on the Willamette River, the Eugene, Cascades and Coast calls itself an adventure-driven destination that appeals to those who like a little variety. With oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers and sand, adventurers can find any setting that suits them. Dune buggy across the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which stretches along the coast for 40 miles over constantly shifting sand that creates mountains up to 500 feet high down to flat beach. The area also appeals to sandboarders. In the winter, the Cascade Mountains attracts those who want to ski, snowshoe, cross country ski or tube. A new adventure available in the area is tree climbing: climbers are able to ascend 150 feet into the forest canopy. Those new to the sport and experienced rock climbers can enjoy a different kind of challenge with a tree-top perspective. Back on ground, the Eugene Pro Rodeo is held at the Oregon Horse Center each July but horseback riding is available for all skill levels through forests, over the sand dunes or up mountain passages. Eugene and the surrounding area hosts events such as the Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove triathlon, the Eugene Sand Master Jam sandboarding event at Honeyman State Park and the Oregon Gran Fondo bike race, to name a few. www.eugenecascadescoast.org