Who’s got a foam finger and loves the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission? THIS GUY!

The Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission is proud to introduce our newest member. His name is Champ and he is ready to have some sports induced fun. Champ grew up here. He is very excited to be joining us. Now we turn it over to Champ.

Champ_VictoryPose_CroppedMy name is Champ and sports is my middle name, literally! I love being involved in all the sports going on in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region and the Sports Commission sure is promoting my habit by helping to bring amazing sporting events here!


champ-EugeneCascadesCoastSportsCommission-Sign1Eugene, Cascades & Coast has a bit of a reputation as a powerhouse sports destination and it continues to grow. Traditional sports like football, baseball, swimming and volleyball thrive here and I love to watch them all, especially football (Go Ducks!). But there are many newly popular sports like triathlons, sandboarding and mountain biking that have definitely peaked my interest. I saw sandboarding at Sand Master Park for the first time this summer and as soon as they make a board my size, I’m ready!

Champ_DanOBrien2_USATF2015I like to connect with the fans, as well as the athletes. This summer I met Dan O’Brien, gold medalist for the decathlon at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, at the USA Track & Field Championships. He is a pretty awesome guy. We talked about Track and Field and all the meets that are coming to Eugene, like the US Olympic Track & Field Trials next summer and the IAAF World Outdoor Championships in 2021!

A couple weeks back I got to check out the UO Football Performance Center. Boy was it awesome! I even got to meet Coach Helfrich. I can’t believe I’m taller than him! Next on the tour I got to see The Rose Bowl Trophy and touch it, not many people can say that. It was so cool to see the training facilities and see what the athletes see. You could say I was pampered like a Duck. This place rocks!


Working with the Sports Commission means that I get to experience amazing events at all of our premiere sports venues in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region. I can’t wait to be front row for all the action. I’ll be the loud one, who’s about 12” tall! Check out our powerhouse sports venues (HERE).

If you see me at an event, say hi! I’m always up for meeting fans and athletes!

What sporting events are you most excited about this fall?

Any great games you can’t wait for? 

Tweet me at @EugeneSports #Champ, let me know what you’re up to!

Where Have You Been All My Life! (courtesy-UO)


Where Have You Been All My Life, Champ! (courtesy- the University of Oregon)