Sports Planners Services

Big or small, our sports commission team can help you plan a sports event in the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region. We serve as a liaison between local private entities (such as property owners and business leaders), public entities (such as county and city) and the sports planner. If you have questions, we can help you!

How we can help 

  • Provide community information, orientation and relevant data
  • Recommend available hotels and athletic facilities within budget parameters
  • Coordinate site inspections 
  • Make introductions to local dignitaries and community leaders
  • Provide media lists and local media coordination 
  • Assist with permit and signage applications
  • Mobilize local volunteers 
  • Advise on eco-friendly event planning for greener sports events
  • Advise on event accessibility
  • Provide promotional materials: links to video, brochures, rights-free images
  • Promote events with a dedicated web microsite, web links and tie-ins
  • Supply visitor information including visitor guides, maps and discount program
  • Maximize attendance and promote your event through our social media channels
  • Connect you with local resources
  • And more!

Consider attending the annual Oregon Sports Summit, presented by the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission, to learn and collaborate with local and regional sports event planners, venue facilities and sports organizations.

Ella Perez

Director of Event Operations, Sports

Ella supports sports sales efforts and assists sports event planners in promoting, planning, and conducting the best possible event for their organization. A native of Eugene, Ella holds a Bachelor's degree from Oregon State University and a Master's degree from the University of Texas. Her work experience includes event and operations management at the university level, for collegiate conferences, and the College Football Playoff.

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