If you are a waterfall enthusiast, here is an outstanding waterfall hike which delivers three amazing waterfalls in the late spring and early summer. The loop hike is easy to moderately challenging and just under 4 miles (6.4 km).
Tip: Check weather conditions before setting off for this hike, as lingering snow in the Cascades impacts the ease of this experience — making for slicker, slipperier trails and better suited for snowshoeing. (The hike is spectacular in the snow as well — but bring your snowshoes!)
Diamond Creek Falls Trail Sign

Diamond Creek Falls Trail

Diamond Creek Falls Trail #3598 is easily marked and includes views of three distinct waterfalls. The first of the waterfalls is off in the distance with viewing between the trees. The second falls aren’t very large, but they are in a scenic serene spot that is off the main trail. The third falls on this trail are Diamond Creek. If you hike down to the bottom, you can get right up next to the waterfall — an experience that is worth the effort. The falls are beautiful with the sun shining off the top and cascading down the rocky cliff like diamond sparkles.

This hike passes Too Much Bear Lake and connects up to Vivian Lake Trail.

Bonus Waterfall

You were promised three waterfall views on the hike, but there is a fourth waterfall not to be overlooked! Although it is not part of the waterfall loop hike, this is the namesake Salt Creek Falls, visible from the same trailhead parking lot that you use to access Diamond Creek Falls.

Easy to see, and the most accessible waterfall with a paved path to the viewing area, but there is also a short trail that takes you closer to the base of the falls with some great views.

Three women with backpacks and warm weather clothing lean against the railing overlooking Salt Creek Falls.

Salt Creek Falls Viewing Platform

Plan Your Trip

The Diamond Creek Falls Trail is an hour and twenty minute drive east of Eugene along Highway 58. Stay in Oakridge or the nearby Westfir Lodge. Stop by the 3 Legged Crane for a cold craft beer or delicious pub food in a relaxed environment catering to outdoor adventurers. Don't forget to pack your mountain bike in the summertime. The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) designated Oakridge silver status as one of their first Mountain Bicycling Ride Centers (there are only seven world wide).