Car with a kayak on the roof is parked with dunes, a lake and the ocean in the background.
: Melanie Ryan Griffin

Cars & RVs 

Rent a car or a recreational vehicle (RV) for long or short spins around the region. With a car or RV drive the scenic byways from the coast to the Cascades. Car and RV rentals are an easy way to explore on your own time and at your own pace — just grab a map and go! Rental cars are available in most regional cities and at the Eugene Airport. You can also purchase a car from a local dealership.

There are numerous electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Eugene - Springfield area. Learn more about the City of Eugene's e-mobility programs.

Navigating local traffic lanes

Signage and lanes may look different here. Please note a few guidelines: Red "bus only" lanes, referred to as BAT lanes, have specific driving rules about where drivers can or cannot drive, stop and turn. This guidance can be found here on the Lane Transit District website. Green "bicycle" lanes are protected spaces for cyclists. Learn more about how these work on this City of Eugene PDF.

Car Rentals

(EUG Airport) 28801 Douglas Dr Ste 7, Eugene

(EUG Airport) 28801 Douglas Drive, Ste 6, Eugene

1515 Highway 99 North, Eugene

(EUG Airport) 28801 Douglas Drive, Ste 6, Eugene

1515 Highway 99, North, Eugene

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
(EUG Airport) 28801 Douglas Dr, Ste 7, Eugene

(EUG Airport) 28801 Douglas Dr, Eugene

(Amtrak Eugene Station) 433 Willamette St, Eugene

655 W 7th Ave, Eugene

(EUG Airport) 28801 Douglas Dr Ste 7, Eugene

Online, arrange delivery or meeting location, Eugene

RV Rentals

Rent or buy a RV or motor home to travel from the Oregon Coast to the Cascades at a leisurely pace or on a flexible schedule. This affordable vacation option appeals to adventurers who enjoy the great outdoors and scenic byways. A home-on-wheels is also convenient for traveling with pets or children. Or take your trailer tailgating at a University of Oregon sports event!

Recreational vehicle drivers share a bond. Connect with RV owners in Oregon for guidance and inside tips. Visit the RV-friendly communities of Junction City and Coburg, long-time RV industry towns. There are beautiful RV parks and campgrounds throughout the region.

Drive your RV here 

Eugene, Oregon is central to miles of scenic roads and national and state byways. Drive through a diversity of stunning landscapes, all easily accessible from the bustling RV-friendly hub of Eugene - Springfield.

Upgrade, repair or outfit your RV 

Eugene - Springfield is central for RV service, with many highly skilled RV technicians who can get you back on the road again — in style. While your RV is repaired or upgraded, there is plenty to see and do around town from shopping to sight-seeing. 

Junction City, Coburg and the Eugene - Springfield area have been recreational vehicle industry hubs for decades. With RV-friendly businesses and RV repair services, these communities offer RV owners the opportunity to find experienced RV service providers from mechanics to upholstery to furnishings. Outfit your RV, shop for supplies or upgrades and connect with the RV knowledgeable community.