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Yes, we do get rain here — which along with snow melt feeds a tremendous number of lakes, rivers and creeks as the water rushes to the Pacific Ocean. The result is some pretty spectacular water sports!

River Rafting Guides

Fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, tubing and boat tours are major attractions in Oregon, particularly the Eugene…

Woman Fly Fishing on the McKenzie River
: Melanie Ryan Griffin

Fishing & River Guides

Discover the best fishing holes with local guides who have grown up fishing Oregon's rivers, streams…

Jet Boat Tours

Race up one of the region's larger rivers, cruise across a lake or charge ocean waves in a jet boat. Guaranteed to…

Water Sports & Experiences

Where To Paddle, Fish And Swim

Popular Water Skiing Lakes
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Jul 10

Popular Water Skiing Lakes

Do you feel the need for speed? We've compiled a list of some of the best places for…

Life Jacket Lending Program

Life jackets are required by law for all occupants in a boat, raft or kayak. Children under the age of 12 must wear them. The McKenzie Fire and Rescue and the McKenzie River Guides Association's seasonal Life Jacket Lending Program loan life jackets from nine locations along the McKenzie River. So there is no excuse for unsafe boating!

What is Algae Bloom?

When water levels are low and weather is warm, some still lakes, ponds and waterways can develop toxic algae. This green or colorful scum is harmful to pets and people — please don't swim, fish or recreate in water impacted with bloom.

While this condition can impact any body of water, our most vulnerable and popular water destinations to watch include Fern Ridge Reservoir, Dexter Reservoir, Dorena Reservoir, Fall Creek Reservoir, Hills Creek Reservoir, Cougar Reservoir, Cottage Cover Reservoir, Siltcoos Lake, Golden Garden Ponds, Walterville Pond and Odell Lake. Check with the Oregon Health Authority for current advisories.