Skateparks & BMX Tracks

Skateboarders and BMX riders welcome! Eugene is home to the nation's largest covered and illuminated skatepark in the country, the WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza, which opened in 2014 – and a beloved BMX track that was built in the 1980s.

The Emerald Valley BMX bike track had a $50,000 renovation in 2014 and today is both a championship track and a family-friendly destination.

Across the region there are many great outdoor skateparks that are fun for both amateurs and pro skaters alike. Just like cycling in the region, skaters will find the communities are ideal for boarding, blading or scooting with many connecting concrete paths, convenient public transportation and integrated parks. From sandboarding on the Oregon Coast to snowboarding in the Cascades, board sports are widely embraced here.

Skating & Board Sports