Traveling with Pets

Traveling with your dog or other companion animal? Connect with pet-friendly places to stay or find pet stores and services to help you get the supplies you need. There are also great dog friendly beaches, dog parks and places to explore together across the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region.

Dog Friendly Hotels

Pet policies vary widely by hotel. Search by the amenities field for pet-friendly accommodations and talk directly with the properties.

Best Local Dog Parks 

Dogs need a little off leash time with a chance to make new friends. Sniff out these popular dog parks - there are even some areas dedicated to small dogs only.

Exploring With Your Dog

Enjoy the region's many dog friendly parks and public lands. Dogs can be ideal travel companions, especially on the hiking trail or in the water.

Dog Friendly Beaches

Oregon's public beaches are a great place for dogs. Who else is going to express such glee at discovering a skittering crab or a receding wave? Well, others may, but not by running and leaping and barking and generally indicating that life is truly remarkable. 

Just make sure that your dog is under voice control at all times. In Oregon State Parks, dogs must be on a leash no longer than six feet. And from March to September, dogs are restricted from plover nesting areas.

Miss Your Cat?

This unique business offers drop-in time with cats — perfect if you are considering adopting a cat, you are deprived of feline company due to other home occupant's allergies or just want emotional support time with animals. Order a beverage, knit or relax while enjoying hanging out in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Children must be over 8 years old and accompanied by an adult.

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