Wine tour in Eugene
: Melanie Griffin

Information for International Travelers

Understanding local customs, practices and expectations can help provide a more streamlined and smoother travel experience. Here are some local tips and resources to help make traveling easier for our international visitors.

Money Exchange & Shopping

Exchanging currency is not easily done in Eugene - Springfield as most banks do not maintain or accept foreign currencies. Summit Bank has limited access to currency exchange. Please contact them at 541.684.7500 to discuss your needs. However, we strongly recommend changing money prior to arrival. Local stores are unlikely to accept foreign currency.

Tipping & Gratuities

Language & Translation

Google offers online translation and you may wish to carry a language dictionary or phrase book with you. 

Pick up the printed Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Guide in French, Japanese, German and Spanish. Copies are available at our Visitor Center in downtown Eugene.

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the University of Oregon campus offers their gallery guide in six different languages.

The University of Oregon offers sign language interpreting services for university-related events.

Other resources include Centro Latino Americano.

International Phone Calls

To make international phone calls, purchase a phone card from Buy2 or any Fred Meyer.

Healthcare/Urgent Care

If there is a medical emergency, you may find it more expedient to head to a local urgent care office rather than a hospital emergency room. Call ahead to see what your out of pocket expenses will be, or what insurance is accepted. 

Some urgent care clinics include:

Smoking in Oregon

Hot Springs Etiquette

Swimsuit coverage is required at most public outdoor swimming holes, hot springs and beaches. Exceptions to this include a few natural hot springs in the Cascades area, where full or partial nudity may be practiced. Please note that the private swimming pool-fed Belknap Hot Springs requires swimwear.

If you are seeking clothing-optional areas, the Willamettans is a private nudist resort popular with families and visitors. The Oregon Country Fair, also family-friendly, is held on private lands near Veneta every July, and is relaxed around partial nudity. One of their vendors, Naturally Undressed Endeavors,  can help answer questions about the nudist lifestyle.


Recycling & Garbage

Oregon prides itself in green practices like recycling. When disposing of waste, you may be asked to sort into recycle bins and "landfill". Some places even offer composting bins. If you have questions on what goes where, ask the restaurant host or cashier.

Please pack out whatever you pack into outdoor recreational spaces and public areas. Littering incurs a financial penalty and harms wildlife and natural environments.

Travel & Outdoor Recreation

Popular Culture

Visitors to our area may wish to visit the iconic cultural attractions of our area. From "The Simpsons" TV show to the region's counter-cultural enclaves, there is a lot to explore.

More Helpful Information