Dead Mountain Trail

  • Address:
    High Praise to Dead Mountain Rd
    Oakridge OR 97463

Formerly known as Flat Creek, this trail is fast and fun. You’ll be grabbing brake for 2.5 miles of ripping, joyful singletrack. But it’s not just the speed, it’s the super flowy and cue-ball-smooth trail surface that makes this a winner. In 2015, the trail was extended to Salmon Creek and Dead Mountain for a total of 6.3 miles one way. Average grade is 6.5 percent. Designed for mountain biking by mountain bikers, the trail features rollers, small tables and bermed turns. Shuttles are available.

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  • Parking:
    • Limited Parking
Trails & Routes
  • Difficulty:
    • Hard
  • Trail Length:
    • Long (over 5 miles)
  • Trail Users:
    • Mountain Bikers