Providing a wellness component at meetings and events has become not only increasingly popular, but these days, it’s expected. In fact, wellness was predicted to be the number one meeting trend in 2019 by the Global Wellness Institute. 

New wellness options are being incorporated into both conferences and hotel properties to help attendees be healthy, happy and productive and here are a few ideas to try (if you haven’t already):

Morning exercise

Providing exercise options to start the day can be a good way to get attendees up and at ‘em. Since Eugene is known as the “Running Capital of the World” and is nicknamed TrackTown USA, we often help planners set up early morning group runs, sometimes with local celebrity Olympic runners. Morning yoga and light exercise classes are also becoming more popular. Eugene Yoga often offers on-site drop-in sessions during conferences held in the Eugene-Springfield metro area.

Wellness break areas

Almost everyone wears a fitness tracker of some kind and are likely being reminded when they have been sitting for too long. Beyond standing and stretching, consider using a breakout room that provides a quiet place to relax during the event. Keep the lighting low, play soft music, provide comfortable seating and make it a phone-free zone with charging stations. Have massage therapists available, if possible. 

Infused water by SJ Baren from Unsplash

Healthy menu options

It seems like a no-brainer, but these days planning food options can be challenging. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, low sodium… there are many restrictions to consider and all are important. In fact, a recent Harris Poll reports 60 percent of Americans say they monitor or restrict the consumption of at least one nutritional component in their diet and 87 percent of respondents say they are trying to eat healthy. Planners must provide healthy food options at every meal. Consider offering fruit-infused water stations and fresh juice during breaks and mocktails at evening functions to give options beyond sodas and alcohol. It’s also increasingly important to provide protein, whole foods and fruit during breaks instead of carbs and sweets—plus, this will help keep attendees alert and avoid an afternoon crash.

Hotel Gym by Humphrey Muleba from Unsplash

Host hotel amenities

When choosing host hotels, consider the wellness amenities offered. Does it have a weight room, gym or swimming pool? Does the restaurant offer healthy food options, source from local farms or have a smoothie bar? Are there special wellness offerings? For example, the EVEN Hotel in Eugene offers a gym, lap pool and hot tub, in-room exercise mats and equipment, and even offers a running package that includes a bag full of running goodies. There are numerous free run groups of all levels that meet regularly right near the hotel as there are world-class running paths nearby. The on-site restaurant, Cork & Kale, offers a wide variety of healthy food options that come freshly prepared and are completely customizable to fit dietary needs.

More than a trend

Incorporating wellness into events is much more than a passing trend. Wellness is part of a growing culture movement and meeting planners will need to continue to provide offerings that align with attendee’s personal habits and active lifestyles.