Keys for Event Medical and Emergency Preparedness from the Oregon Sports Summit Series

Athletic directors and sports event planners gathered in the Valley River Inn’s ballroom to learn from seasoned professionals about event medical and emergency preparedness and why they’re important for sports events to think about. Adventure Medics and the University of Oregon Athletic Department and Safety & Risk Services presented on these essentials.

Adam Mack and Matt Sabelman from Adventure Medics emphasized the three most important components that make a successful event medical team.

  • A clear and concise system of communication will enable your team to move quickly and efficiently if an emergency should happen.  
  • Even though it seems like you might be wasting precious time make sure everyone on your team is trained on the basics of first aid and CPR. During a medical emergency critical thinking goes down and your brain relies heavily on its muscle memory so make sure your team has a plan and that you practice it multiple times.
  • Have your designated medical tent be easily identifiable and make sure that it is properly supplied with medical equipment and functional AED’s.

If you as the event planner have gone over these three things with your team, you will most likely be prepared for any worst-case scenario.

Oregon Sports Summit Series-Adventure Medics

Vicki Strand from the Athletic Department of University of Oregon and Becca Puleo from Safety and Risk Services emphasized that the two most important things when planning for emergencies.

  • Plan for different scenarios and make sure people know what to do in each instance such as a lightning strike, active shooter, bomb threat, etc.
  • Know your event top to bottom as well as be aware of other events happening in the surrounding area. By doing this, you know what resources you can count on, whether the EMT’s might be busy, etc.

Oregon Sports Summit Series-Adventure Medics

A huge thank you to Adventure Medics and University of Oregon Staff for speaking about their experiences and knowledge of Event Medical and Emergency Preparedness. A special thanks to our host and Series Sponsor, Valley River Inn and to our other sponsors.

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