Welcome to "the Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest."

Oakridge earned that title with more than 300 miles of world-class singletrack trails accessible year-round. Oakridge is home to an enthusiastic mountain biking community, including an organization called Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (GOATS) who formed specifically to maintain its local trails and promote responsible trail usage. In the "bike-umentary" Pedal-Driven (2010), Oakridge was highlighted for its collaborative land management between mountain bikers and government and environmental agencies. You can help preserve the trails too by following a few simple mountain biking guidelines — like sticking to well-drained trails and paved surfaces during, or after, heavy rain.

Two mountain bikers with their bikes nearby sit and cheers with their beers on a patio at Westfir Lodge in the evening. There is a fire in a firepit in the foreground and the red Office Covered Bridge in the background

Westfir Lodge & Office Covered Bridge

Photo: Turell Group

Oakridge's Mountain Biking Community

Take a quick look around Oregon's Oakridge/Westfir area and it's easy to see why mountain bikers around the world come here to ride. The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) even designated Oakridge gold status as one of their first Mountain Bicycling Ride Centers! A variety of tailored challenges surround the small mountain town and attract a range of beginners to more intermediate riders. Hone your skills at two dedicated parks featuring graduated jumps and stunt tracks.

Brand new routes like Dead Mountain Trail offer up smart designs, created with burned corners for smooth turns and a trail flow that leads to less pedaling and braking, a fun ride for all skill levels. More challenging routes, like the IMBA Epic Waldo Lake Trail, take riders deep into the Cascade Mountains. Nearly every singletrack route offers a unique mountainside view of the Willamette National Forest. 

While many of the trails are accessible year-round, please only ride well-drained trails during the wet season. Staying out of the mud helps preserve the trails. For an easy trail that's perfect for new riders, try Salmon Creek trail, which takes riders over flat paths right through town and up the river to Salmon Creek Falls.

For years, mountain bikers would gather for the three day Mountain Bike Oregon festival, named as one of the Best Bike Festivals of 2013 by Outside magazine. This event has since been paused.

Visitors don't need to pack a bike in with them — Oakridge is also a headquarters for guides and equipment rentals. Outfitters offer shuttles to trailheads. Mercantile shops sell bike parts and accessories. And while the locals "Speak Oakridge" officially, you'll discover they also "Speak Mountain Biking" too.

Recoup after a day in the forest with at the 3 Legged Crane Pub and Brewhouse

How to Get to the Trailheads

Cascades Outdoor Center

Located at the Westfir Lodge, the Cascades Outdoor Center is your hub for all adventures, including mountain biking. Organize shuttle service to and from the local trailheads. Stay at the lodge and extend your mountain biking venture into a vacation! Plus, one of the most popular mountain biking trails, the Alpine Trail, is adjacent the property.

Mountain Biking Trails

Oakridge/Westfir offers many mountain biking trails geared for a variety of skill levels. Alpine Trail is probably one of the most beloved trails. Dead Mountain Trail is the newest. And the Waldo Lake Loop is designated "Epic" by IMBA

Please protect the trails by only riding on well-drained surfaces during wet weather. Contact the Forest Service for updates on trail conditions. Permits may be required to park at some trailheads, so please plan ahead. Some trails may be multi-use. Practice trail etiquette and always yield right-of-way to hikers and equestrians. 

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